Civilians trapped in a war zone without humanitarian aid... child labor in overseas factories that export to the West... migrants navigating the most hostile routes on earth in search of a better life. These are the kinds of stories I’ve pursued over the past decade as a multimedia journalist and filmmaker. I write, take pictures and produce videos; and when it feels right, I may get in front of the camera. But the goal remains the same: to seek out hard, under-reported subjects and make them resonate as deeply as possible.


Formerly TIME Magazine’s Afghanistan correspondent, I have reported from more than fifty countries and a half-dozen conflicts spanning West Africa to Southeast Asia for National Geographic, Outside, The Washington Post, The Guardian and The Economist. I’m a contributing editor at VQR and member of the Overseas Press Club. On the broadcast side, I produce and host films for Al Jazeera English, AJ+ and SBS Dateline.