Guatemala’s Disappeared

AJ Fault Lines

Up to 45,000 civilians were forcibly disappeared during Guatemala’s 36-year conflict. Fault Lines met some of the families still searching for justice and the truth about what happened to their loved ones.


The Execution Beat


Thousands of people have been executed on the Philippines’ streets since President Rodrigo Duterte declared a new war on drugs. We track photojournalists on the front lines of the murder beat, where killings are a daily occurrence and the streets run with blood.


Eviction City


Evictions in Detroit are pushing out long-time residents – and investors are cashing in.


Hell for Leather


Bangladesh’s toxic tanneries ravage lives and the environment.


Splitting Nicaragua


A massive canal project is poised to displace tens of thousands and leave environmental destruction in its path.


Copper for Robbers


As Burma opens up to foreign investment after decades of dictatorship, a big land grab is underway.


Altered State


The winners and losers of Colorado’s booming cannabis market.


Lords of the Ring


An underground wrestling cult phenomenon known as “Hoodslam” is taking Oakland, California, by storm.