The World’s Most Dangerous Journey?

SBS Dateline

What would you risk for a better life? Dateline journeys through one of the world’s most dangerous jungles, a route populated by drug traffickers, bandits and migrants searching for a new beginning.


Lawyer for the Dead

SBS Dateline

In El Salvador, home of the bloodiest gang violence in the world, we follow one man’s gruesome struggle to bring dignity and closure to the families of the victims.


Outcast: Adrift with Burma’s Rohingya

AJ People & Power

Persecuted Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar face a perilous journey on their way to freedom in Thailand and Malaysia.


Blood and Gold: Inside Burma’s Hidden War

AJ People & Power

Deep in the wilds of northern Myanmar's Kachin state a brutal civil war has intensified over the past year between government forces and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA).



National Geographic News

Rangers are fighting against long odds to protect Thailand's last stands of prized Siamese rosewood.


Million Dollar Militia


We examine dangerous conflicts between the US and NATO strategies in the fight against the Taliban.


Return of the Warlords

AJ People & power

What does the return of Afghanistan's most notorious warlord mean for Afghan democracy?


Paying for Peace

Al Jazeera

By counseling the city’s ‘most lethal’ young men, an innovative program is helping make Richmond, California, safer.